Friday, October 18, 2013

37 weeks

It had to happen.  HAD to.  I couldn't go into labor until it did.

Family maternity pictures.

I get unduly stressed about taking family photos.  It feels like there's a lot of pressure, like my own images of my own family have to be especially perfect.  I get weirdly stressed about what to wear, even though I happily and easily give advice to clients about what to wear.  My own toddler often doesn't want to cooperate, just like my clients' worry about their own littles.  I get an idea in my head of exactly how I want certain shots to look, and end up snapping at my family when it's not working or accidentally being mean to my niece for running through a shot.  

We tried to make these shots happen a few times, and while I was totally satisfied with the adorable shots we got at the beach of Sweet Pea and me, I really, really wanted a family shot of the three of us and my belly to mark this season of our lives.  Thing after thing kept happening until I really thought it just wouldn't happen.  

Then the skies opened up (literally, after it poured for a week and ruined about 7 different times we had planned) and here they are.  My sweet and precious family, ready to add #4.

















  1. So worth all the time and effort it took to get all these great shots!! You all look amazing! Can't wait to visit you all after the baby is here!

  2. Absolutely stunning, sweetie. They turned out beautifully!


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