Sunday, October 20, 2013


I think I've accomplished everything on the list.

The boppy and the swing are out of storage.

The newborn clothes are washed.

We embellished onesies and I made upcycled pants.

The Moses basket is in place.

The double stroller has been purchased.

The car seats are set up.

We have a van.  (A van!)

I have diapers stashed all over the house.

And burp cloths.

His room is ready, pictures hung and all.

Well, actually, it's not just his's actually a Nuroffiguestsery.

We kept it pretty simple because he won't really be sleeping in here and if all goes as planned we will be trying to find a new house soon.  But my heart needed him to have a place and I needed to nest, so setting up this little space was fun.  

I've always wanted a vintage cowboy theme for a boy and I loved making that happen!  I have so many big plans already for his next room, but this was fun in the meantime.  The big, comfy chair is a Craigslist find that pulls out into a twin bed for guests.  

The front of the mini-crib is currently off so that it can be rolled up right next to our bed as a co-sleeper.  
This set-up is my favorite.  The guitar belonged to Hubby's brother who passed away, the same brother our little guy will share a name with.  It was so fun to find the cowboy-themed music art.  The top piece is a laser cut record of "The Littlest Outlaw" and the the bottom is a Willie Nelson record.
 The armoire is Sweet Pea's baby armoire with new fabric.  I love the tiny red cowboy boots (a thrift store find) and the Etsy newborn knit cowboy hat.  The framed picture on the right is of Hubby and his brother as little boys dressed up as old West outlaws.  Love.
We're ready when you are, little man!  Hurry up!


  1. Cutest nuroffiguestsery EVER. I LOVE it. So excited for you, sweet friend!

  2. Great room for sure!! I hope this little man comes soon for you as I know how the end gets! Wish I was there to bake you all those yummy brownies that you've been craving ;)


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