Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pumpkins and Family Time

We went to the pumpkin patch today because A. I'm still not in labor and B. I hoped carrying pumpkins might put me in labor and C. We needed our pumpkin before little man's debut.

It's October!  We have to have pumpkins!

Funny though...the whole day it felt like someone was missing.  Maybe because I remember taking my tiny new baby girl to the same pumpkin patch three years ago, it just felt like our family wasn't complete today.  Our little guy, while present in my belly, needed to be present in my arms.  (Although, let's face it...his experience of the pumpkin patch would have been pretty much the same whether he was in my belly or out.  Out may just have been a little chillier!)

Today was just all about being together as a family.  We met my sister, mom, niece and two friends at a local wildlife rehab center's open house and got to pet an opposum and paint pumpkins.  Then we went, sans nap, to the pumpkin patch.  Sans nap on a chilly was a bad call.  You'd think we'd be smarter than that by now!

Testing out the double stroller and using half for pumpkins.  

Little miss was NOT happy about the chilly, wet weather!
Darn it kid, smile!  We're having fun whether you like it or not!
My mom told the girls that the fairies drew on this pumpkin, and I tried to get Sweet Pea to stop whining long enough to take a cute picture.  I told her to just point to the fairy drawings.  She stopped mid-whine, pointed for a split second, then entered back into full-on whine mode.

 The shot in deceptively sweet.

She was, however, very excited about picking out a baby pumpkin for her baby brother.

And I was very excited to watch my handsome hubby to pumpkin bicep curls in the checkout line.

Isn't our Cinderella pumpkin beautiful?

I've spent a lot of time cherishing the little bit of just-the-three-of-us time we have left and these silly little moments are sweet to my heart.  We came home and had dinner and snuggled and read lots of books.  Every time I put Sweet Pea to bed feels significant because it might be the last one "just us."  Which is kinda silly, I know, especially because Cutie Peanut loves to make himself known during bedtime stories.  He's definitely a part of all our family times!

My belly dropped quite a bit in the past 24 hours and I have a feeling the time is drawing near.  I won't miss the dozens of uncomfortable parts of pregnancy, but I will miss that little right knee always poking out at me every day.  It's like we hold hands (or, erm, hand and knee?) all the time.  He's a pretty predictable little fellow, and that little knee always pokes out in the same place.  I love it.

He loves story time and always wiggles like crazy when I sit down and start reading to Sweet Pea.  I think he loves the stillness and cuddling and the sound of my voice.  I love the way Sweet Pea's little body curls up around my belly and the way she giggles if Cutie Peanut "tickles" her with that knee.

I miss Sweet Pea's spontaneous belly hugs and the way she talks about her brother by name as a very real and present part of our lives, but that also makes me that much more excited for him to actually be a very real and present part of our lives, cries and diapers and all!

So I'm hoping he comes soon...soon enough for a pumpkin patch re-do little a sweet little pumpkin of our own in tow!

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