Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tut Tut...

We live a pretty little pink existence around here, which has made for some extra excitement in wondering what gender our sweet new baby could be.  Another girl would roll right along, but a sweet boy sure could shake things up.  We took Sweet Pea and her close-by cousin out for some pretty portraits, and while we were at it...get ready...we snuck in a shot revealing the gender of Peanut.

Excuse me.  Cutie Peanut, as Sweet Pea says.

My pretty-in-pink doll baby.
(For the record, she is being Amber from Sophia the First.
In case you were wondering.)
Blue is a great option too, you know!

Blue or pink?? 

Hmm..tut tut, it looks like... 

BLUE!  We can't believe it's a BOY!
 That's Mr. Cutie Peanut to you, kids.

That fake smile on the little one was because I told her could only
have ice cream if she smiled.  I'm shameless.
We are pretty excited to enter the world of trains and toy soldiers.  My dad is excited to have someone else to help mow someday and my mother-in-law says I better start learning who G.I. Joe is.  Hubby's brother was relieved that there would be someone to carry on the Smith name.  (lol.)  Bean cried, at first because we thought she was sad the baby isn't a girl, but it turned out she was just mad that Sweet Pea "gets a baby brother and I don't!"  (We told her we will share.)Hubby can't wait for t-ball I'm excited to have son to teach how to treat a girl right.  He won't have any other choice in this family!

PS Who caught the sneaky hint on Sweet Pea's shirt?


  1. Stefanie8:21 PM

    Congratulations! That's so exciting!!

  2. Great post and balloon reveal!! I must say I didn't notice sweet peas shirt but I am on my phone so that expkains it. Live her shirt though that I looked ;). We can't wait to meet your sweet baby boy!!!!


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