Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fields of Green and Purple

Awhile back, a good friend texted me and asked if Sweet Pea and I would like to take a day and go with her to visit a lavender farm in Virginia.  She said she would take a day off of work to make a whole fun day of it complete with a picnic.  She even said there was bound to be good picture-taking.  Friends?  Adventure?  Pictures?  Food?  Yes.  Yes, please.  

Our road trip rambled off the ever-hateful 66 and onto some of the gorgeous Virginia farm country I love.  Call me biased, but I think the rolling rural farms of the mid-Atlantic and Northeast on a warm summer day are the prettiest part of the whole world.  And we hadn't even gotten to the lavender yet!

The day was stiflingly hot, but we would not be phased.  We took our lunches to the picnic area under a huge old tree and promised Sweet Pea that we would go back and pet the bunnies they had to share as soon as she ate her sandwich.  Those bunnies were pretty much the highlight of her life.     

The lavender fields?  Not so much.
"Mama!  I soooooo hooooooooot!"  :(
So it turns out lavender picking isn't really her thing, although she did like using her own little pair of scissors to hack at a few stems.  She took that part very seriously.

Finally we just plopped her in some shade with some toys and enjoyed the fields ourselves.  I was feeling very brave about the bees that day (I'm allergic) because they were so busy with the flowers they didn't give one lick about me.  They were high on lavender love and there was no distracting them.



We tried again for some pictures of Sweet Pea, but the poor thing was so hot and tired and was having none of it.  
Always with the fingers in her mouth.

How is she so sweet even when she's pouting?
 So we went back to the bunnies, because bunnies make everything better.

Oh, summer; we love you so!

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