Friday, January 25, 2013


One of my worst personality flaws is my tendency to avoid situations that are stressful or upsetting.  I get that everyone does that, but I do it big time.  And I do it for strange things.

For example, I somehow got it into my head that getting my baby's hair cut was going to snip away her babyhood.  This filled me with so much dread and panic that I've spent the past five months shlepping around a toddler who, while still maintaining her status as the world's most beautiful and perfect child, looks like she belongs on the set of Oliver.  Her hair was constantly hanging in her eyes like Ralph Sheepdog, bedraggled at the ends and all knotted in the back from her goofy sleeping.  Yet I staunchly refused to cut it.

Confession: When I was not a mom, I totally judged moms of baby girls who didn't keep their daughters' hair perfectly trimmed and neat.  I'm not proud of that cold, hard truth.  I had no idea that they probably wanted to help their babies' hair grow out and/or were waging a long, wretched inner war between to cut and not to cut based solely on the need to keep said baby a baby forever.

My attempts to schedule an appointment with my dear friend and hairdresser, Mary, were a lot like Ethel's recent cameos in Downton Abbey.  I'd pick up the phone, then run away in tears saying, "I'm just not ready for your help!"  But, knowing that I had to put my child's needs and social status first, I finally mustered the courage and made the appointment.

You guys.  I have NO IDEA what I was so afraid of.  It was awesome.  Mary did a perfect job, of course, and my baby still looks like my baby.  Sweet Pea was SO brave, and what's even more incredible is that I didn't even cry.  (Unless you count when I wrote in my Facebook status that we were doing First Haircut today.)

Uh, yeah.  She needed this cut.  

Loved the "sprinkles" from the spray bottle.

She wore the same sweet, silent, serious expression the entire time.  She was so proud and wanted to be a big girl so badly.  She woke up from her nap all excited to get her haircut, watched me patiently get mine done first, then hopped right up into the chair.  I absolutely love the cut.  Not only does she still look like my baby, her hair is actually curling better in the back because it's shorter.  I thought we'd be losing the girls forever.

Mary, you are awesome!  Thank you for being our friend and thank you for my baby's first cut!

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  1. Wavy is the cutest! With and without knots! x


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