Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Our "pun-kin"
"It's really such a strange holiday," my mom laughed.  "We send our kids out in costumes to ask strangers for candy."

She's totally right.  I mean, when you really think about it...what?!  Yet Halloween, just like every other American holiday, holds so many fun and sweet memories for me.  My family always treated Halloween as a fun, innocent day of make-believe (no scary costumes allowed) and we are doing the same thing with the next generation of little ones.  Happy, glowing pumpkins...silly, sweet costumes...candy and apple cider...a fire in the hearth after trick-or-treating to turn chilled cheeks a bright, rosy pink.

I just love traditions.  I love anticipating them, expecting them, knowing them.  I love passing them on and reliving memories.  So, just like every other once-a-year, I love Halloween.

This year we had our small group friends over beforehand to eat homemade pumpkin mac n' cheese (don't knock it till you've tried it- so good!) and caramel apples before heading down the street to take a huge neighborhood pictures.

I think both events could best be described as controlled chaos.  Or maybe uncontrolled.  Either way, it spelled a lot of fun!

Nana and Bean got to our house a little early and the girls could best be described as piles of wiggly, giggly excitement.  At one point they were basically just running in circles squealing.  They were supposed to be matching ladybugs. (I have a thing for kid's names, costumes, bike helmets, swimming floaties, etc. to be coordinated.  It's who I am.)  The evening was supposed to be pretty chilly though, so Nana showed up with Bean's old Tigger costume.  Sweet Pea took one look at it and it was all over. She simply had to be Tigger.  For the record, I don't think she even knew who Tigger was until that morning when we happened to read a Winnie the Pooh book.  Go figure.

We fully enjoyed all of our traditions and more this year, and I see a heck of a lot of dress-up in the days to come.

Our perfect fire on Halloween eve while carving pumpkins with John and Stacy, aka Daisy.

She would NOT touch the pumpkins!

But she would show John her costume over her jammies!
I think we've carved pumpkins with J and S every year for like almost 10 years.
That is such an old person thing to say.

I don't think any two are looking in the same direction.

Um, scary ladybug?  Well played, Bean!

My little Tigger looks incredibly unenthused.

I love this family.  And Peter Pan theme?!  Come ON!  So cute!

My Tigger in her chucks and her little boyfriend (he's a doctor!)

 I want to eat her up.

I can't believe I didn't get a good close up shot of Bean!  Take my word for it...she was super adorable and loved being a ladybug.  Afterward, we went home and cuddled and watched Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin.  After it was over I saw the first Christmas commercial of the year, so I guess the holidays have begun!

Until next year, Halloween!


  1. so cute! So many sweet moments captured!

  2. I've said it before: I looooved Tigger's bow! And the green chucks. Too. Stinkin. Cute. !!!


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