Friday, November 30, 2012

A little of this and that

Life has literally been so crazy around here that I can hardly catch my breath.  We've been flying through life and loving every second.  The result is lots of fun memories, a potty-trained 2 and 2 month-er, and lots and lots of photography clients.  My own photos sit unedited, but they capture our one wild and crazy life.  

And honestly, truly?  I am loving every second of it.  

Especially her.  I just love her. 
Made some carrot cupcakes. 

My special carrot cake for Thanksgiving.

Crusin' the hood. 

She thought Thanksgiving Dinner was a tea party.  <3 td="td">

All gluten-free!

Chewed on that brussel sprout for 15 minutes and would. not. swallow.
Note to self: Child does not like brussel sprouts any more.

 A quick series from Thanksgiving night at our house:
Caught red-tongued...just in time, she didn't lick it! 




  1. Love that pouty cake series!!!

  2. Love the black and white pics!! The cake looks soooo yummy ;)


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