Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jet sleeping

On Saturday we did a special family outing and went jet skiing. I love jet skiing. some of my fondest memories include buzzing around a lake with my middle school best friend Amy while visiting her in Florida and, another time, hopping over waves on a rainy day with my parents and my high school best friend, Kim. That rainy day was one of the most fun experiences of my whole life. The water was so warm that we didn't get cold at all as the two-foot waves sloshed over our jet ski and tossed us in the water. Kim and I took turns racing my parents and doing figure-eights over the wakes we all created.

So imagine my delight when we learned we were allowed to take oil little ones out on the jet skis. I was sure Sweet Pea would be enthralled, since she loves anything with a motor. We hopped aboard and she was interested and smiling, but pretty quiet. After a few zooms around, I noticed she was still quiet. Too quiet.

She was sound asleep. And stayed that way for 30 minutes.

Go figure.


  1. Super cute family shots! I had to laugh at Lenny's life jacket though as it looks so short on a tall guy such as him ;) I can't believe Wavey fell asleep on the jet ski!

  2. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Love the pic of T and Charlie.


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