Friday, August 03, 2012

Bottles and Bob

Our last weekend was insane.  I didn't even realize just how insane it was until I was answering the question, "How was your weekend?  What did you guys do?" and I started listing.  Our weekend included, but was not limited to: a photoshoot, a small home project, a service project with our church, visiting a bookstore to meet VeggieTales characters, running errands, delivering a client CD from another shoot, church, hosting a baby shower, a youth group event and babysitting.  What the what?

But, like any weekend, it was wonderful.  My kitchen no longer has a tiled backsplash of a painted bread cornucopia.  (I know.  It makes no sense to me, either.)  I have a new rug that has changed my life.  We had fun with friends.  Life is busy and good and summer is wonderful.

"Before" picture!  Our re-do was pretty cool and easy, I'll share about that soon!
Our church had a huge congregation-wide service day (called Do Day) on Saturday where everyone met up and broke into groups for different service projects.  Ours was simple; we just went to a local park and handed out free bottles of water.  Such a simple, fun way to bless a stranger on a hot day!
Praying for our community.

Giving water to the ice cream guys.

Love them.

Water for construction workers.  
 We got home a little earlier than we expected, so we put Sweet Pea down for a nap.  We'd wanted to get up to a localish bookstore that was opening because they were going to have VeggiesTales characters at 2 pm and Sweet Pea loves her some Larry.  We got there at 2:25 and the characters were already gone.  I tried not to cry (dramatic, I know) as Sweet Pea asked over and over, "Edge-tales?  Edge-tales?" and steered her toward a display of stuffed tomatoes.  (Lesson learned: don't tell the babies about fun things they are going to do until you are there to do them.)  The manager heard of our plight and had one of the store workers put on the Bob the Tomato costume just for her.  So sweet!  She wouldn't get close, although she was excited to see him and gave him a high-five.  Oh, and she kept calling him Larry.
The baby shower on Saturday was such a success.  My neighborhood is the best in the whole world!  It was so fun to hang out together and celebrate this baby girl, who should be arriving on the scene any moment!
Two of the girls MADE this cake- can you believe how gifted they are?!

I can't even say how much I am dying to hold that new baby girl!  She is going to be soooo cute.  

Baby girl stuff is just too fun!
After the shower, Sweet Pea got to play with two of her favorite friends while all of the rest of the parents helped with a youth group event in DC.  I was so thankful to play quietly with the kids instead of run around DC; I was pooped!  These two are the sweetest, easiest kids in the world and all three of them played so well together.  I couldn't believe that three kids was easier than one!  We went for a walk and each of them took turns pushing their favorite stuffed animals (and sharing them- can you believe no one fought?!) or riding in the car.
So that was our wild and wonderful weekend.  August is going to slow way, way down; we're kicking it off with a trip to YoungLives camp and we've got vacation at the end of the month.  Summer's grand finale!


  1. found you on mama marchands' blog and now follow thru GFC.

  2. Wow, you sure did a lot that weekend! I look forward to hearing about your youth event this past weekend too! The new backsplash area above your stove looks great by the way :)


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