Monday, July 02, 2012

Out with a bang

Our little family "staycation" went out with a bang, both literally and figuratively. There were such bad storms here Friday that basically everyone and their moms lost power. Except my mom. She didn't lose power. Which was good, because it gave us a place to stay last night when we got back from another weekend camping trip and found out our house was a million degrees and our food was bad.

So, we loaded up the freezer food that was still frozen and headed for my parents' house. My mom redid my old room recently and it looks so awesome that it feels like a bed and breakfast. Basically I want to live there all the time. In other words, I was actually pretty stoked that we didn't have power.

After we put the baby to bed, we found out that hubby didn't have work the next day because they still didn't have power after Friday's storms. We were pretty excited, so we stayed up late watching cable and then sitting on the deck watching heat lightning and listening to the frogs. I am the happiest in the world when I am sitting on that deck in the summer.

We finally went to bed with the room lighting up random with lovely flashes of heat lightening. Or so we thought. A few minutes after I fell asleep we woke up to insane wind and insane hail and thunder. At one point it got so crazy that I leaped from bed, grabbed the baby and ran downstairs. In the process I whacked her head against the wall, but she was so soundly asleep that she barely stirred. That was one of the scarier storm experiences for me, and I've had quite a few of those.

We played all day today with our friend Stacy because she didn't have power. Then, to commemorate the end of staycation, we had a pizza picnic dinner. Because everything on a summer night is better at a picnic!


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