Sunday, July 01, 2012

Camera Ready

This is the current face my child makes when she sees I have a camera.  She says, "Cheeesse!" except somehow she holds her lips out in the "chee-" part for like 30 seconds.  I don't know who even taught her to say "cheese;" I intentionally avoided it and usually just say to her, "Hey, baby!  Smile for Mama!"  Oh, and she never looks at the camera.  Ever.  Oh, and this is what her hair looks like after an afternoon playing in the barn at Nana's.

For the record, my own child is the only child thus far from whom I can't get a natural smile.

Also for the record, I still think she is utterly adorable.

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  1. There's a phase that will come soon where she'll want absolutely nothing to do with the camera! It's heartbreaking. But I'll bet you'll figure it out and still capture some amazing shots ;)


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