Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Five Years

Five years ago to the day last Saturday we got married.  I can't really believe what a wonderful, wild ride it has been.  

I am the kind of person who has a hard time making decisions.  I hum and ho and check into all of the possible options and ask a million questions and drag my feet.  I am that way even about where we're going to go to dinner.  

Before I was married, and dating other guys, I had this recurring dream.  In the dream, it was always my wedding day and I was always getting ready, about to marry whichever guy I was dating at the time.  In the dream, I was always flipping out.  Like, panicking.  About to run away Julia Roberts-style because something was wrong, somehow it didn't add up.  That dream haunted me a little and made me wonder if I had an issue with commitment.  

Then I started dating my husband.

Younger girls have often asked me how you know when you're with the guy you're going to marry, and I'm one of those annoying wives who ambiguously answers, "I just knew."  I can remember the exact moment I knew.  We had been friends for over a year and had been dating for a few weeks.  I don't even think we were officially a couple yet.  We were sitting in the little living room of my junior year apartment, just talking about life.  One of my roommates was making a snack in the kitchen.  Another one was doing homework at the kitchen table and the rest were in their rooms.  (I had five roommates!)  Hubby was wearing a white sweatshirt and blue track pants and his glasses.  He hardly ever wore glasses.  Out of the blue, completely unprompted (I honestly wasn't even "in love" yet), the thought came to me.  

"I am going to marry him."

It wasn't a giddy "Oooh he's so cute!  I hope we get married!" thought.  It was like a factual statement, simple and straightforward and true.  I actually even tried not to think about it any more because it felt kind of ridiculous.  How could I possibly know that already?

I never once, not one time, ever felt like I was with the wrong guy.  I never wanted to back out.  I never had a doubtful dream.  After two years of dating, and as our wedding day approached, I never felt anything buy joy and excitement.  And peace.  An overwhelming sensation that we were doing exactly the right thing.  I love looking back at our wedding pictures because those feelings are so clearly written on my face.  

These are a few of my favorites from that day.  Some of them were shot by friends, and most of them were from our photographer and friend, Peter Casey.

Wrestling me away from my best friend at our rehearsal dinner.

My mom helping me with my veil.
A joyful moment to ourselves right after the ceremony.
Our wedding songs were In Christ Alone, Indescribable, How Great is Our God, and the Doxology.
We walked out to "A Kiss to Build a Dream On."


So love these girls!  I also loved their dresses.  Each one was a little different!


The weather was utterly perfect.  Our reception was at my parents' farm.


 Our first dance was "I Want it All" by Edwin McCain.  


I loved my dress so, so much.



Dancing with my dad.  My foot was caught inside my dress and he was
basically carrying me around the floor! 

The party was so much fun.  The groomsmen are dancing to "Jump on It."

Everyone was on the dance floor.  

My best friend caught the bouquet.  Or wrested it from the arms of an
eleven-year-old, depending on who you ask.  (Eleven-year-old in white
behind me, bestie in teal right next to her, with her game face on.)

Watching our slideshow and feeling super proud that our wedding went off without a hitch.
Well, one hitch- we got hitched!

Ridiculously happy.

People say that their wedding day was the best day of their lives, second only to the birth of their first child.  It's true.  If I could relive any day of my life, it would be my wedding day.  It was so fun, so joyful, so God-filled.  

Happy five years, babe!  I love you more every day!

Part two to come...


  1. LOVE THIS. Happy anniversary, sweetie. <3

  2. Love all these pictures, especially since I didn't know you then! What a beautiful bride, couple, and entire wedding!!! It is so neat how God brings us to His best for our mate/partner in life. Congratulations on another Anniversary!!

  3. Anonymous12:14 PM

    you two are the epitome of happily ever after. Nope, no doubt it my mind you are living your happily ever after. You two are wonderful. And you are beauty in these pics!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!

  5. Laura Johnson4:07 PM

    Aw, I just found this blog post, and I love it so much!! The pictures are awesome. Your dress was gorgeous, and I could tell you and Lenny were just so happy. We're so blessed aren't we??? In so many ways you and I (and many of our wonderful friends) are living the dream. We have rough days, but God has given us amazing husbands and beautiful children. Thanks for sharing this, Taylor! Love you!


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