Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blueberries Redux

While running errands a couple of weeks ago, my mom discovered a secret surprise.  Not to her from my family's hobby farm lies another hobby farm, except the owners of this farm have turned their hobby into the best business ever.  It's a certified organic blueberry farm, and while the berries are a bit pricey ($4 a pint instead of $3 a pound at the non-organic farm) they are the best blueberries I've ever eaten.

I think I am going to dub the summer of 2012 the summer of the blueberry.  I plan to eat fresh-picked, still-warm blueberries all summer, which might be possible because the farm we just found promises berries through August.  If they run out, I guess we'll be traipsing to Maine.  It will be worth it.

Last Thursday Sweet Pea turned 21 months.  It was a coolish, cloudy day with the sun peeping through every now and again.  Perfect for thrift store shopping and blueberry picking with Bean, Nana and Groovy.  I dressed Sweet Pea in perfect blueberry-picking garb, which happened to be an old pair of plaid overalls that were mine when I was little and a straw hat from Target.  #winning.


I just love her so much. 

Eating right out of the container.
Maybe we'll work on manners at two.

Matching hats!
Don't they look scrumptious?  I ate the whole container myself in 24 hours. 

Because you can't not have the "kid's-hands-holding-berries" shot.
Sweet Pea got super way over-tired toward the end and decided she hated her overall straps.  She generally had a rough a day that day.  I decided to pick my battles and if she was happy looking like a little hillbilly baby, then I could have a little hillbilly baby for awhile.  
 Then we found chickens.  Blueberry eating chickens, in case you were wondering.  The girls were enamored.  I asked Bean a couple of weeks ago what pet she would have if she could have any pet at all, and the answer was a chicken.

"Even more than a pet rabbit?" I asked.

"Even more than a bunny rabbit."  Wow.    

Check out that classy, blueberry-filled belly.

I think we're going blueberry picking again on Wednesday.  Which is a good thing, because I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms.  So is Sweet Pea.


  1. N is addicted to blueberries right now. Like a serious addiction. So funny!

    I love your cute little hillbilly baby. :) Also, I agree with Sweet Pea - chickens are the bomb. And they make eggs. Yum.

  2. Yay! Organic blueberries! Let me know next time you go. I'd rather pick these than the ones at butlers! Do they grow anything else?

  3. Holy cuteness! That hillbilly is so adorable i want to kiss that belly!


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