Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Ballet

Bean had her first ever ballet performance Friday night.  It was pretty exciting for our family, and the cool part was that it was clear how exciting it was for every family there.  There's just something about little girls in tutus that brings folks together.

We weren't allowed to take pictures of the actual performance.  There was this big mean yellow flier in the program that went on and on about how they'll throw you out if you take pictures of your own beloved child in her first ever ballet recital but don't can buy pictures from their pros later! Nice.  Keep family from capturing memories so you can line your own pocketbooks.  And this from a professional photographer!  I was more than a little peeved, especially when I saw that their pro's equipment was less than mine and that he was not taking any individual shots of the children, just one or two shots of each group.  I got all auntie-tiger and grumbly. "They ain't gonna tell ME I can't take pictures!  Imma take all the pictures I want!  Go 'head!  Throw me out!  I dare you!  Come on!" But then when the moment came I chickened out.  I tend to be that way.  I'm like the little yippie chihuahua who barks in the big dog's face but runs away when the dog glances down.  Sigh.

Bean was so cute on that stage.  She looked so grown up and confident, but those who know her could see the little bit of nervousness in her eyes.  She remembered all of her steps and kept reminding the girl in front of her the right steps.  She also gently pushed the girl forward whenever she forgot to step and whispered (loudly), "Go!" which made the audience chuckle.  Sweet Pea was enamored with her cousin on stage and yelled, "Again!" when it was over, which made the audience chuckle again.

I should have just snapped the dang pictures and gotten carted off by the ballet police.

But it's ok, because these shots from after the performance are pretty special, too.  Sweet Pea danced away while she waited to give her cousin the little ballerina doll we got for her.

She loves to dance.  Especially to "Shake Senora."

Finally, the one we were waiting for rounded the corner full of pride and smiles and excitement.

She was utterly enamored with the roses her Grandpa got her.  I think it may have been her first real bouquet.

Sweet Pea handed over the dolly present...the promptly tried to take it back.

We're working on gift giving.

"Were you scared, baby?"  "I was a little scared, Nana."

She insisted she saw us from the stage.  She totally didn't.  My mom laughed at her.

I love those fly-away curls.

So that was our first night at the ballet.  Pretty successful, and no one got thrown out for secret picture-taking!  I'm maybe going to send a strongly-worded letter, though.  Rawr!


  1. Love it. Two beautiful little girls. Melts my heart! Especially the flowers...every girl deserves flowers from her grandfather!

  2. Such precious photos. :)

  3. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Love, love, LOVE this!!!!

  4. Flowers from her grandpa? My word is that awesome!

  5. They are so incredibly beautiful! You need to enter the pic of Bean getting flowers into some kind of contest. The expression on her face is absolutely priceless!


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