Friday, May 04, 2012

Tip of the Week

How to shop pleasantly with two kids at Costco

Step 1:  Buy chocolate frozen yogurt.  Ask imploringly for the lady to divide it between two cups while looking meaningfully at small children.  
Step 2: Ignore the annoyed sigh from the ice cream lady.  
Step 3: Give kids ice cream.
Step 4: Let them go to town.

Step 5: Shop away.  
Step 6: Try to ignore the disaster happening before your eyes.  Ignore the looks of horror and peals of laughter from everyone surrounding you.

Step 7: Regret not having a smart phone with a camera.
Step 8: Be thankful that your super tiny old phone even has a camera.
Step 9: Take melted, almost-finished ice cream away from your toddler because all she is doing is dipping her spoon in and out of it and making a huge mess.
Step 10: Ignore the screams of "ICE-TREAM!  ICE-TREAM!  ICE-TREEEEEEEEEEEEEAM!" coming from aforementioned toddler and feel shocked that she could possibly still want more.  
Step 11: Be thankful for stain remover.


  1. You probably could've picked up 5 gallons of stain remover on your trip :p gotta love Costco! And ice cream! So cute!

  2. aahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


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