Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tour De South 2012, second to last day

On the our last full day in Florida we decided to head back to the beach.  But first we wandered around their cute little beach town.  We went to an aquarium, ate ice cream and bought soap.

Oh, but not before Gigi made us pancakes.  With blueberries.  And someone ate all the blueberries.

(All these shots are unedited.  Because I am editing three photo shoots right now, and the doctor's kids are sick, you know?)

The face only a mother could love...


I think he thinks she looks delicious.


She absolute refused to touch the baby alligator.  The alligator man said she just has good judgement.

She did touch a baby string ray!

This one will be fun to edit!

That's her, "Huh?" face.  I seem to only get that these days in photos.

We made it to the beach after some ice cream, and then girlfriend went to town on a pear cup.

Look at that shiny gulf!
When we got home we drove around the property my grandparents' retirement community is on and found some baby pigs.  I loved them.  Sweet Pea done lost her mind over them, especially when they got out from under the fence.  She would squeal, "PEEGEESE!!  PEEGEESE!!" and laugh.

He was smiling at me.  Did you know Babe is one of my favorite movies?

When my sister was little she used to climb into my mom's lap at the end of the day, snuggle up, sigh and say, "Mama?  I had a big day."  I feel like that is what Sweet Pea is saying here:
Cuddling with Gigi after a big day.  

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