Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tour De South 2012: (almost done!)

On Wednesday of our vacation to Florida we decided to hit up the beach.  Here's something I learned about the northern gulf coast of Florida; even though my grandparents live less than 10 miles from the gulf, they are 45 minutes to an hour from a beach.  Why?  Because most of that part of Florida is so low that instead of having land, then beach, then water, they have land, then swamp, then water.  So unless you want to play with alligators, you head to a beach!  

We tried first to go to Pine Island, which seemed like a really need place.  However, once we got there it was so packed that there was literally no where to park.  We drove around for a half-hour to no avail, along with about a dozen other cars.  It would have turned into a full-on war if a space did open.  So we waved the white flag, drove 45 minutes back home, stopped for ice cream, then drove another 45 minutes south to the next good beach.  Thankfully, we weren't disappointed.  The beach we went to was clean and beautiful and the water was splendid.  Even my grandpa, a self-professed anti-beach guy (he thinks the beach is a little boring), said that he had such a nice time he'd like to go back there some time.  

Cuddling and watching Elmo on Daddy's phone, which was supposed to help her nap.
Nap? Hah!  Hah! (Clearly her words, not mine.)

Perhaps slightly terrifying. 
But she loved them!
 When we got home, we took a ride on my grandparents' electric bike and went for a swim in the pool. The pool is heated to 84 degrees.  I want one.

See?  I actually do get in water.  It just has to be at least 84 degrees.

After that, all we heard for days was, "Poo?  Poo?"  Which means "pool," obviously.

And then, of course, we played Dominoes.  

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  1. That picture with the birds flying towards W is insane (in a good way)!! What a capture, Taylor!


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