Thursday, April 26, 2012


Ok, ok, I know Easter was almost a month ago.  But this is my little family scrapbook, and scrapbooks get off track sometimes, you know?  The problem has been that we are doing so many wonderful and fun things all the time that as soon as I start to get caught up I'm already behind again because I have new pictures.

Can we not even talk about the 500something on my camera card that haven't even been uploaded?  Thanks.

I'm loving life.  Some days I look around me and just think, "Seriously?  This is actually my life?"  Because it's just that good.

Easter was good.  Easter was so good, in fact, that it was even good in spite of the fact that we got home from our Florida vacation in the middle of the night and pried ourselves out of bed at 7:30 to drive 40 minutes to meet my parents at my childhood church.  We are hardcore like that.

There's something really special about going "home" for church.  Something neat about seeing old familiar faces covered in smiles because "He is risen!"  He is risen, indeed.

We sat through worship and then Sweet Pea got pretty antsy.  I took her to the nursery and stayed with her because I knew she wouldn't want me to leave her in a new place after getting home so late at night.  We played with lots of my friends' kids, including a sweet little guy I hadn't met before but whose mama I've loved for years.  Pretty neat to watch our kids play together so sweetly.

After church we went to my parents' house for an egg hunt.  My wonderful mother-in-law met us there.  I learned how difficult it is to take pictures of two desperately excited, fast little girls when they are chasing after eggs.  One older little girl was especially excited because someone accidentally left the door open to the room where the Easter Bunny had stashed his goods, and so she thought that the Easter Bunny had already hid everything in the family office.  That same little girl was pretty tearful when everyone made her go to church first and wait until her cousin came over to have the egg hunt.

I think it was worth it, though.

Her two favorite tv shows are, of course, Elmo and Pocoyo.
My mom got her an Elly doll from Pocoyo.

"EH-YEEEE!" She cried joyfully.


Dress: Ralph Lauren, thrift store, $6
Shoes: Hand-me-downs
Tights: Came in a giant bag of tights and socks from a yard sale for $$0.25?
Sweater: Clearance rack at Walmart, $1
Bow: Etsy, $2

Her daddy is her best friend, but I think Ampa is a close second.
Let's face it...she adores all her grandparents and her great-grandparents!  She knows she's loved.

Easter Bunny cake is a family tradition.
I made it last year, my sister made it this year.
It's carrot cake.
We ROCK carrot cake.
Carrot cake is my mom's favorite cake.
The bad thing, I learned, about not being the one to make the bunny cake is you don't get the leftovers.


My favorite thing about my mom's house is that she decorates with things like real, tiny precious bird's nests she finds on her farm made out of our horses' hair.  This one was made out of Mr. Ed's and Josh's hair,
two beloved equine friends who are no longer with us.
Then we enjoyed a pic-a-nic outside in the absolutely gorgeous spring air.  It was heavenly.

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