Wednesday, March 28, 2012

(Mrs.) Wendy's

One time when I was oh, 8 or 9, my grandparents were visiting and my grandpa decided that he was finally going to get my mom a sign from a Wendy's restaurant.  I know that sounds excessively odd, but it makes way more sense if you know that my mom's first name is- wait for it- Wendy.  Isn't it such a pretty name?  For years, my grandpa thought it would be funny for her to have a Wendy's restaurant sign of some kind in her house but no one ever remembered to try to get one.  So he took my sister and me out for Frosties and he asked the manager if he had any spare signs with "Wendy's" written on them that my grandpa could buy.  The guy went in the back and just gave my grandpa a little red sign that read, "Thank you for patronizing Wendy's."  My mom hung it in our pantry and it always made me laugh when I opened the door for a snack.

A couple of weeks ago, I put a shout out on one of my mommy friend Facebook groups that anyone who wanted to could come with Sweet Pea and me to play at my mom's house.  Eventually it turned into a pretty funny conversation after someone referred to my mom's house as "Mrs. Wendy's" and some of the other girls didn't know who (or what) Mrs. Wendy was.  We all got a good laugh.

It was a gorgeous day and there is just nothing better on a day like that hanging out at my parents' little farmette.  There are horses to pet and swings to swing and frogs to catch and goose eggs to hunt.  It's kind of like heaven for little kids, especially when it's warm enough to run around in just your diaper.


My super-fun mom got the girls this hair clippy things.  Instant hit, even with Sweet Pea!
So over the river and through the woods we went, and a friend met us there with her two cutie patooties, plus she picked up our other friend's two older kiddos so she could rest with her newborn.  Let me help you do the math- 6 kids and 2 moms.  And yes, we rocked it out.

Our neighbor was ploughing one of the fields, which was (of course) completely fascinating to the kids.  Sweet Pea, however, thought that the driver was her grandpa since she always sees him on his green John Deere.  She waved and waved, yelling, "AMPA!" the whole time.  
The kids had a blast collecting rocks, sticks and leaves into the pond.  Sweet Pea watched for awhile, then picked up a stick and let it be known in no lesser terms that she wanted to throw a stick, too.  I helped her just a little.  Another small person wanted to throw herself in the pond.

Our girlie little Bean, full of pink and stuffed kitties and curls and lace and cowboy boots, sure can keep up with the boys.  She may love dolls and princesses and dress up, and may cry if you try to make her wear pants instead of a skirt, but if you're a little boy and try to take away her rock, she will grit her teeth and fight.  It's hilarious now, but I think worry more about the boys than Bean when she is in high school.  ;)

I adore every one of those kids who came over to play that day.  It's so fun to see their little personalities shining through, and I'm already noting the unique characteristics they each have- traits like love and patience and kindness and gentleness and joy and just plain old kissable.  "Kissable" should be a fruit of the Spirit.  It's such a blessing to watch your baby play with good, fun friends and I'm excited and blessed to see these little guys grow together.  Bean and J (red shirt, middle) have already known each other since they were about a month old.

And so, without further adieu, thank you, little ones, for patronizing Wendy's.      

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