Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines' Day

If Sweet Pea understood the concept of choosing a Valentine, she would choose her cousin Bean.  Or her Daddy.  Or her cousin Maggie.  Or Matt, one of our teen friends.  Or Matthew, our youth pastor.  Or our friend Natalie.  Or our friend Stacy, whom she calls Daisy.  Or any of her little boyfriends.  Or anyone holding an iphone.  Or Elmo.  Or Pocoyo.  Actually, it might be Pocoyo.    

Ok, so Sweet Pea has a lot of loves.  That was a very condensed list!  This is pretty awesome, especially given that she struggled with separation anxiety for so long (and still does sometimes).  The fact is, a lot of wonderful people love her and she has learned that it's really fun to play with and get hugs from lots of fun friends.

But Sweet Pea really does adore her cousin.  She can't say Bean's real name, but she calls her "Archie."  Today, when I called Bean to say hi, Sweet Pea came tearing (well, ok, toddling really fast) across the room yelling, "ARCHIE!"  She kept saying it until I let her talk on the phone, too.

I know a lot of people think Valentines' Day is dumb, but I like it.  I like having a special day for acknowledging the loves in our lives.  It makes me smile when I think about how many wonderful people there are in our lives to love.

And for starters, these two sure do make it easy.  (Even though one of them did not exactly do anything to make getting this shot easy!)

She really does love her cousin.  Please excuse the irony of her escape attempt.
That look in Sweet Pea's eyes really says, "I adore you." Not "Let me go.  Now."
Check, kiddo.


  1. What wonderful pictures, Taylor!! I LOVE them! I just might have to steal your idea for my kiddos:). Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Oh my goodness - how adorable are these photos?! SO CUTE!

    Happy Valentine's Day, friend. :)

  3. They're sooo cute together!


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