Friday, February 17, 2012

Stuffed Strawberries

Confession: I am not a huge fan of strawberries.

It seems impossible, and those beautiful little suckers get me every time.  They sit there in store looking so bright and colorful and delicious.  So I buy them.  And half of them go bad, because they are just never quite as great as I thought.

Except never again.  You guys.  These are SO good.

So the other day I was Pinteresting (yup, verbed it) and I came across cheesecake stuffed strawberries.  And I did a little jig because not only are they gluten-free and pretty, they seemed almost fool-proof.   Or should I say, me-proof.  And they are basically just filling strawberries with cream cheese frosting and calling it a day.  I thought they would be a perfect Valentine's Day treat.  

I am terrible at making food pretty.  I tend to make a lot of foods that all go in one pot.  I tend to not really care how it looks as long as it's quick, simple, healthy and tasty, or at least three of those four.  Quick and simple always two of the three.

I was pretty excited when I made something tasty and pretty.  These really are so, so good.

I pretty much followed the recipe I linked to above, except I used 8 oz. of whipped cream cheese instead of block, then beat that in my mixer for a good long time so that it was really light and fluffy.  It still seemed a little stiff to me, so I also added a splash of milk, but I don't think you need to do that.

You just toss the cream cheese in with powered sugar and vanilla.  Taste it and add to it until you get what you like.  This would be awesome with chocolate added.

Hollowing out the strawberries is a little tedious and the part that had me a little nervous.  Unlike Napoleon Dynamite, I have no knife skills to speak of.  It honestly wasn't that hard though!  After you hollow them out (and it works best with the smaller, prettier berries- no so much with those giant honking suckers you get at like Costco or whatever) you should also trim a little off the end of the berries so that they stand up straight.  Then you put your filling into a Ziplock bag and snip off the end.  The piping part is really fun!

I have decided that there should be a new blogging rule out there.  Any time a mom decides to take on some classy-like endeavor in her home and blog about it, she should also be required to tell the internet what her kids were doing while she was undertaking her classy endeavor and trying to be all Good Housekeeping extraordinaire.  Guaranteed the answer every time will be A. napping or B. watching tv or C. still in jammies at 3 pm and playing with breast milk storage bags.

"Sorry I got into your storage cabinet, Mama.  Except not sorry." 
Or maybe even D. playing with the yams you just got at the grocery store.  And still in jammies, which now also have yam dirt on them.

The answer most definitely will not be E. quietly entertaining themselves with the wonderful, special toys that we and others have spent lots of money buying for them.

Do you like how I spend time taking pictures of these things and putting them on the internet instead of mopping my floors like a good mom?  Yup, me too.

Anyway, we may have destroyed the kitchen, but those strawberries were so, so good.  When I started running low on time I tried piping the filling on halved berries, and that worked great and was just as pretty!

A little extra chocolate never hurt anyone.

So let your baby into your storage cabinets and give this a whirl!  You'll be glad you did.


  1. Those look AMAZING!! yum! I'm about to pin your page:).

  2. I love your little grater. So cute. I wanted to eat my computer screen, but then again I love strawberries.

  3. woohoo martha! how many did you eat?

    1. Lol I ate a whole plate!

  4. Yam dirt? That made me snort. So funny! Yam dirt! BAHAHAHA.

    P.S. I need a lot of sleep.


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