Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Not the long winter

Whenever the weather gets awesome for a day or two in the winter I can't help but ask myself, "Why don't I live in the South?"

I guess because I'd be miserable in the summer, but let's be real; it was 104 degrees here on a day this summer when I traipsed 25 Chinese exchange students down to Great Falls.  So honestly?  I can take the heat.  The cold, on the other hand, sends me swirling into despair.  I truly love a beautiful snow day here or there, and can even thrill to the excitement of a blizzard.  But since I struggle a bit with SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder) winter can be rough on me.  This winter, though?  Not nearly so bad.  68 degrees?  We can take that.

You know what else we can take?  Pigtails.

My heart literally palpitates when I look at my baby in pigtails.  As in, I-love-her-so-much-my-heart-might-explode kind of palpitations.  It also palpitates when I look at her eyelashes.  And her lips.  You know, maybe the reason I've had heart palpitations (the kind I get to visit the cardiologist for) since I was pregnant is because my heart has to warm up for all of this cuteness.

Today we went to the park with our playgroup friends.  We have playgroup at our church every Wednesday from 10-12.  We usually go from 11-12 because, well, we sleep kinda late in our house.  And also because I move very slowly in the morning.  And also because I don't know anything slower than trying to get out the door with a small child.  

In other words, we struggle to get on the move before 10.

I am so thankful for our playgroup.  Sweet Pea loves to play with her friends, and I love to talk to my friends.  There is nothing like spending time with other moms to warm the heart of a mama who spends her whole day saying things like, "Is your diaper stinky?  Where is your blankie?  Don't eat dirt, please."  I don't know what pioneer women did without the friendship of other moms, what with being alone on the prairie and whatnot.

I spend a large amount of time thinking about what pioneer women would do in various situations.  Namely, Laura Ingalls and her family.  How did they keep from being lonely?  How did they get anything done without Elmo?  How did their babies not fall into the fireplace and down the well?  How did they shave their legs? 

My baby has banana on her mouth.  I don't know what pioneer women did without bananas.  Also, I had always promised myself that I would never be one of those moms whose baby walked around with grossness on her face but my baby seems to pretty much always have grossness on her face.  

What did pioneer women do without baby wipes?

Or playgrounds?  Or Target, for that matter, since that's where I got that cute ruffled headband.

Ultimately, I am just really thankful that we aren't re-creating The Long Winter around here this year.  Remember when Cap and Manly rode out for the wheat and saved the town?  Those folks were awesome.  When we had all those blizzards around here two years ago when I was pregnant, I made my husband run out for things like milkshakes and Mike&Ikes.  It was about the same as saving the town.

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  1. Love. This. Post.

    You are so funny and W is so precious in her pigtails!


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