Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Restin' the dogs

I walked in to wake the baby up from her nap on Saturday and found her sleeping like this:

I guess her dogs are tired from all the walking she does now.  I was kind of jealous.  I wish I could sleep that soundly and comfily!

A note about the stuff in her crib:  Yes, I know the AAP says nothing in the bed but a crib sheet.  But once Sweet Pea could roll over, sit up and pull up on her own, we started putting toys in her crib.  It was important to me that she see her crib as a safe, sweet, and fun place.  She does love her crib; she never fights us about going to bed or napping (yet!) and I adore hearing her wake up sounds in the morning as she talkes to her toys and plays with them.  Sometimes she plays quietly in there for a good half hour before she calls for me.  It's just a choice we made for our family that works for us!  

She has a Woof (a little stuffed dog) and a Bickett (a pink blanket made by her Gigi) that she loves.  She always holds Bickett in her right hand and twirls the fringe between her fingers next to her cheek, while she turns her face to the left and nuzzles Woof with her nose.  She does that exact same thing every time.

That said, don't put stuff in the crib with a tiny baby because it can be a scary suffocation hazard!     


  1. N sleeps like this, too! So funny!

  2. so cute! finn sleeps like this often. i actually had to take off his bumper because he was destroying it! i totally agree with you about making the crib a happy place with a few select toys and blankets too! :)

  3. haha! Tuckered out! So sweet, Taylor. Jake and I joke that Liza has so many animals in her "big girl" bed that there is barely room for her:).


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