Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sushi night

Hubby and I used to have a small and loved tradition. I introduced him to sushi while we were dating, and he fell in love. In fact, he probably likes sushi even more than me. So, one of our favorite date nights pre-baby was "sushi picnic night." Sushi is kinda pricey, so to make it more affordable we would pick up some carry out from our favorite sushi place, then take it home and eat it on a blanket on our living room floor. Sometimes we'd even catch an episode of The Office. It probably sounds kinda lame, but sushi picnics were awesome to us.

Sushi nights are even fewer for us now, but last Saturday we decided to splurge. We had plans for a Christmas party with friends, but when the babysitter fell through we were left feeling sorely disappointed and with nothing for dinner. So, we decided to take Sweet Pea out for her first sushi dinner, followed by a neighborhood drive to look at Christmas lights.

Turns out, Sweet Pea does not share our affinity for rolls of rice. She would not touch her avocado rolls. But she loved watching the sushi chef and loved toddling around the restaurant. In fact, she toddled so much that she was asleep in the car before she saw even one Christmas light.

So, you win some, you lose some. But this "loss" was still awfully adorable.

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