Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I had huge ideals for our advent calendar this year.  I was going to write an activity and lovely, apropos Christmas Bible verse on a piece of paper for each day of December, then stick the papers in our little advent calendar piece and have Sweet Pea pull it out each day.  Instead, one time I just scribbled "set up Nativity" on a piece of scrap paper with a random, almost-out-of-ink orange marker.  Once.  And then beyond that?  We've just tried to be intentional about doing Christmas-y things.  I mean, let's be honest; I haven't even ordered Christmas cards yet.  Ordered, let alone sent.  I haven't even chosen a photo for a Christmas card!

Better luck next year, perhaps?

At any rate, one night last week we took a little walk up the street to show Sweet Pea the Christmas lights.  She was enamored, especially because "ball" is one of her favorite words and one of the houses has colorful ball lights hanging in one of their trees.  Winner!

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