Monday, December 19, 2011

Advent(urous) pt. 2

Ok, so I might not ever have filled up our little advent calendar with fun Christmas activities, but I've tried really hard to have one fun Christmas activity every day anyway.  So far, we've accomplished that every day.

(Last) Thursday- Got the tree
Friday- Decorated the tree
Saturday- Drove to see lights and wrapped presents
Sunday- "First" Christmas with family from out of town
Monday- Watched Rudolph
Tuesday- Christmas party at MOPS, went to a light show at Brookside Gardens (see below)
Wednesday- Christmas shopped with Nana and Bean
Thursday- Made holiday crafts with a friend
Friday- Had an Elf party
Saturday- Made cookies, went to a Christmas party with friends
Sunday- Saw a live Nativity

Whew!  What a whirlwind of fun!  Honestly, we are so spontaneous around here that I could never have decided we were doing these things in advance and put them in a calendar.  I kind of like this system, which basically says, "Do one special thing a day."  I kind of want to do this all the time!  Except I probably shouldn't, because poor Sweet Pea's bedtime has been creeping up toward 9:30 or 10 lately.  Shhh, don't tell the Mama police.

I have no idea what fun we'll have tomorrow.  I'm kind of leaning toward Christmas nap.

Our awesome friend and her boyfriend took us to see the lights at Brookside Gardens last Tuesday.  I'd never been, so I was excited.  You was SO cute there.  You just park and wander around and there are all kind of flora and fauna in light form.

Is that not an adorable couple?

We did have one little crisis.  You see, our sweet baby has become a sweet toddler overnight.  Between last, oh, maybe Wednesday and the following Tuesday, our little one went from being forced to walk to walking at will.  Constantly.  It's about the cutest thing I've ever seen to watch her teeter, totter and toddle around on those little feet.  That Tuesday though, she took quite a spill.  She wanted out of her stroller, so we set her on the ground.  I had her in little rubber boots and apparently one wasn't on all the way.  She took about two steps before, "Splat!"  She landed right on her face.  She cried so hard, partly because it hurt (her poor little nose was all scraped up) and partly because I think she was so offended and miffed from falling.  It was like her little feelings were hurt.  We helped her recover by looking at the coolest dragon and dragon baby ever.

Thanks for the fun Christmas activity, J!  You are awesome.  And thanks for being the kind of friend who puts up with me being late and telling you I'm at the wrong McDonalds.  ;)

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  1. I've never been to Brookside in the Winter, but it looks beautiful and so festive!


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