Friday, November 11, 2011

A bit of this and that

Do you ever get to the end of a week and think, "What on earth did I do this week?  Who am I?  What did I have for dinner last night?  Did I even eat dinner?!"  Well, I do.  Regularly.  I have absolutely no clue what I did on Monday.  None at all.  Tuesday was MOPS and park with Bean and music class and going to Roots for vitamins at like 8 pm.  Wednesday was filled with errand-running in Frederick and a fun trip trip to South Mountain Creamery, for which I forgot my camera.  Thursday was the mall with friends, thrifting for like three hours, and crashing at home.

Sometimes, when my house feels dirty and I'm so tired I can't think straight and I'm overwhelmed with a million things to do, it helps me to step back and realize I've accomplished a lot in a busy week.  A lot of experiencing and feeling and doing for Sweet Pea, a lot of cultivating precious relationships for me.  I love getting out of the house and being on the go, but I also love sweet slow mornings like today where we snuggled in bed for a good half hour before even getting a bottle.

Lately, life has felt a little out of control for me.  I'm not sure why and I'm working on it, but taking a step back to survey all that's been happening and all that I love and am thankful for helps me realize that I am a little too caught up in the minuscule matters that, frankly, just don't matter in the grand scheme of life.  It's the sweet small stuff- the reading books with my baby and the ice cream on a Wednesday afternoon and the catching up with a friend on the phone- that last and matter, and when I really notice those, I realize that life is so, so good.

On baby wearing

Last night, a neighbor friend stopped by to borrow my various baby carriers to try out with her son.  I still love baby wearing, even with a 14-month-old, 20+ pound child and my immensely sensitive shoulders.  I still use my Sleepy Wrap sometimes, like while shopping around a favorite antique store, even though Sweet Pea isn't a huge can of facing toward me anymore.  (Yesterday I traipsed her around in a backpack carrier, which she loves, but it was becoming torture after about an hour.  My shoulders just can't do it.)  I still hugely recommend the Sleepy Wrap for anyone who has fibromyalgia, and it's been a blessing to me.  I love baby wearing, and carry her around when I can.  I love the warmth and closeness of holding my baby against me and laughing at her little legs dangling against my petite frame.  

On visiting one of my favorite places ever  

I think I've talked about Luckettes before.  Luckettes, VA has a great antique shop called The Old Luckettes Store.  Once a month, they also open their design house.  You used to be able to get amazing deals there on all kinds of home decor and super cool furniture, but unfortunately for us (and fortunately for them) they've been quite discovered and are now quite expensive.  I still love it there though, and love "shopping" for ideas and dreaming of ways to make my home homier.  We went there last Friday and swooned over everything.  It would be pretty funny to follow my mom and me around with a camera to catch all of our, "Oh my gosh!  Look at this!" and "Did you see that ___?" and "Quick!  C'mere and look at this!"

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On visiting another very favorite place

We got a very quick little get-away last weekend (between photo shoots) that involved a bike trip and a certain baby getting to go swimming with her Daddy.  The bike ride was one of my more tiring ever (into very strong wind!) and the poolside relaxation well-earned.


On "Woof"

When I was in college, my husband gave me a little stuffed puppy that he picked up at some store.  It was kind of a joke.  He also, at some other point, gave me a little elephant and I, as a joke, gave him a tiny stuffed bunny from a CVS clearance bin.  These treasures now belong to our daughter.  For some reason, around the time she was 7 months old, she became very attached to the puppy, whom she started calling "Woof."  Woof is now a bedtime staple, and we've supplemented him with another doggy of similar material just in case something ever happens to the original Woof.  She won't sleep without something soft to hold.  She takes just a bit of the material between her thumb and forefinger and rubs it back and forth, ever so very gently.  She does the same with strands of my hair, her own hair, and sometimes even her eyelashes.  It's pretty precious.

  That, my friends, is Woof.
On being adorable

It just comes naturally to some.  

Three cheers for the weekend!  Here's to feeling renewed, restored, and (if you're life me) finally getting the office organized.


  1. Love this post. :) *hugs* Can't wait to hang out again!

  2. Definitely can't remember what I did Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday of this week! I'd have to go back and look at my calendar;). I can totally relate!!

    That last picture of Waverly is absolutely adorable! Where did you get that hat??


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