Monday, September 05, 2011


Now that I've covered barf as one of my true horrors in life, I thought it was high time that I reminded the internet of two other facts of life that seriously disgust me.

1.  Tooth-brushing.  Seriously.  I can't watch anyone brush his or her teeth, because it literally nauseates me and I have no idea why.  Yes, I brush my own teeth twice a day, but I gag almost every time.  Whenever I'm watching a movie and someone comes on the screen and approaches a toothbrush, I act like it's a horror movie, turning my head and crying out, "Is it over yet?  Someone tell me when it's over!"

2.  People eating in a messy/sloppy/slurpy/loudly chewing way.  I'm sorry, but ew.  Just ew.  Especially if food ends up on the face.  Especially ESPECIALLY if the chewing is loud or gross sounding.

Enter having a baby.  

Oh, how I love the "silly face."

I don't know how or why it is, but my child does each of these two facts of life in exceptionally adorable ways.  She LOVES to have her teeth brushed.  She smiles hugely and laughs as I brush her four tiny teeth like it's the funnest part of her day.  And eating?  Goodness, yes, she is messy, and a new bane of my existence is food all over my floor because she loves feeding herself so much and gets it everywhere.  She makes these loud, slurping, smacking sounds and chews with her mouth wide open...and I could watch her all. day. long.  There is somehow nothing cuter than the way she cranes her neck and leans over her tray, inspecting the morsels on her tray like one of the guys from Top Chef.  She tends to not be the best eater these days, but if she loves something, watch out. She just ate the crock pot barbecue chicken and beans I made and she had more than half a breast all by herself, plus a pile of beans.  I even love the sound of her chomping and chewing, and it makes me laugh.

 Chili night- this one warranted the obligatory "bath in Nana's sink."

Dumped over a bag of chips..she was so proud of herself I let her go to town
I'm sorry, but is that elbow dimple not the cutest thing on the face of the earth?  I mean, honestly seriously.
Who am I?!

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