Friday, September 09, 2011

Living on the Edge

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My mother has a fierce love for old cartoons.

I know; that's a big statement.  It's true, though.  She dreamed as a little girl of drawing for Disney, and while her dreams changed after she had babies (as dreams often do) I still think she should have done it.  She's sees all the merit of the old-fashioned, "good, clean fun" humor and is always interested in the artistry.  We have quite a few old favorites from growing up, and now my little niece is falling in love with the old cartoons, too.  

In fact, at Wal-Mart on Wednesday she found a pair of size 2X underwear with Sylvester the cat emblazoned across the back.  She loved them, wanted them desperately, and spent the rest of the time there walked around the store with the undies swinging in her hand.  She let them go once we convinced her that they were, in fact, too big for her.

While we love Sylvester, an old tried-and-true favorite is an episode of Tom of Jerry.  In this episode, Tom's owner hires a babysitter for her baby, and the sitter spends the whole time gossiping on the phone instead of watching the baby.  The baby, of course, has a propensity for mischief and excitement, and would meet with certain disaster were it not for Tom and Jerry, who put their differences aside for the sake of the baby.

This baby looks exactly like Sweet Pea.

The blue eyes, the blonde hair in the curling comb-over, the over-large cloth diaper, the super fast scurry-crawl; yup, that's my kid.  At any moment I think I'm going to look out the door and see her hanging from the street light post.

My kid who, while not showing much interest yet in walking, is very much interested in climbing the stairs, the kitchen step stool, the book basket, the couch, the chairs, the bed, and anything else she can reach with her toes.  She would certainly meet with disaster as well were it not for me, her ever-vigilant mother.  Who, incidentally, often wears an expression similar to a terrified cartoon tom cat.
Baby jeggings + cloth diaper=  Booty Pop for babies.
She's just living on the edge, this one.
Not only did she climb into the book basket, she found Daddy's wallet.  Yikes.  
My other favorite part of this cartoon is that the baby always wears a calm, half-smile expression.  Just like Sweet Pea.  The baby is also constantly wearing only a diaper, also like Sweet Pea, but that's neither here nor there.

Another thing around here that seems to want to consistently face peril and doom is my favorite camera lens.  This expensive lens has spent the entire summer out of commission after it broke over Memorial Day weekend.  It finally arrived home from the Pentax shop in Arizona today, much to my joy and excitement.  I tore into the box, pulled out the lens, and as I pulled it from the wrapping, it somehow managed to fumbled out of my hands.  It would have been a catastrophe, but somehow, I managed to scoop the lens out of the air just before it hit the counter.  

Maybe I should keep over-large cloth diapers on the lens, too.

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