Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dreamer {A Thought for Thursday}

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My sweet friend T loves quotes (almost) as much as me.  I love her Thought(s) for Thursday; they always put a smile on my face.  All of her thoughts do, really!

I never have my act together enough to participate, but this week I do.  I love this quote and it warmed my heart.
I came across this while perusing the Epiphanie website.  (I desperately want one of their camera bags.  Like whoa.)  

I am a dreamer.  A big dreamer.  It sometimes drives people around me crazy because I'm always think of the next, the better, the bigger.  It's one of my blessings and one of my curses, this dreaming.  Dreamers are rarely validated; they are scoffed at and knocked down, eyes roll.  

Sometimes, in the midst of being busy and fighting an auto-immune disease and wondering where my time has gone and emptying the dishwasher for the millionth time and being tired and getting discouraged, I lose the plans for my castles-in-the-air.  They start to crumble and fall.   

I remember how exciting it was when my parents started having their current home built.  I think I was 13.  It was so wonderful when they first broke ground on what was to be our new home in the country that promised horses and wide open spaces and lots of stars.  But, boy oh boy, was it ugly in the beginning.  The ground was always muddy and dirty.  The foundation bricks were plain, ugly, gray concrete.  The pretty green grass was no more.  

Laying the foundation isn't pretty.  It's dirty and it's really hard work.  It's hard to see that something beautiful and warm and home is going to rise out of that mess.

I have so many dreams.  I've been discouraged for a long time in a few areas of my life.  Today, though, I'm reminded that laying the foundation of a dream is hard work.  You have to dig up some stuff.  It takes a lot of time.  It takes physical work and it takes even more work in your heart.  I'm a work in progress, and so are my dreams.    

Even my dreams-come-true.

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  1. I love EVERY.SINGLE.THING about this post.

    Thanks for linking up, sweet dreamer friend of mine. :)


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