Monday, September 12, 2011

Busy Blur

The other day, I tried to photography a squirmy, silly, grumpy, un-napped 11-month old.  With a MANUAL focus lens.  

This is my story.

We were evacuating Ocean City for the hurricane, and I thought it would be adorable to photograph my child in an baby outfit that belonged to me when I was a baby that has ducks and rainclouds all over it.  I shoot with my beloved 50mm manual-focus lens frequently, but lately I am finding it to be nearly impossible.  Manual focus just doesn't really cut it for a busy, bigger baby, no matter how beautifully I could focus when she was little and just laid there in one place.

Just looking at these snaps makes me tired.  They are awful, but I actually love them because they are a little piece of my life right now.  That out-of-focus blur just captures our lives perfectly.  I've been going through all (ahem, 10,000?!!!!?) of my photos of Sweet Pea from this last year, and I'm finding that while I love and adore my little styled shoots and hang those photos in my house, I can't delete the "mess-ups," because sometimes they tell the story of our lives a little more eloquently.

Remember that about what you see on the internet and in magazines.  For every perfect moment, there are 1,000 others that weren't so perfect- but they are just as precious.


  1. I totally agree with you! I'm thinking about doing a book for N at some point of JUST the blurry, funny looking photos, so she will appreciate those, too, when she's older.

  2. i never delete any pictures. every moment is precious!


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