Friday, July 29, 2011

Tea for...5ish

When Bean was old enough to start visiting me at my house, I knew I wanted her to love coming here.  Her own house is pretty awesome (I mean, hello, there's a pony there) so I knew I had to work a few things to my advantage.  First, my cats.  Little kids, Bean especially, love animals, and they go all Elmira-from-Tiny-Toons on any new animals they see.  I was completely willing to subject my two kitties to this kind of torture-love.  Second, snacks.  I have no idea how it happens, but it seems like whenever Bean comes here I happen to have some kind of baked good on hand.  Seriously, I hardly ever bake!  The coincidence is unreal.  So now, when Bean walks in my door, it's not long before I hear, "I'm hungry!" or, "Tay-wer, do you have any t-weats?"

And finally, my teacups.

I have a cool old hand-me-down hutch that has a row of mis-matched teacups lined up in arm's reach for a little one.  I've mentioned before that I wanted to collect teacups for a long time, and my mom made it happen by throwing a wedding shower for me where she asked the guests to bring me a teacup.  They are each pretty special, but I believe firmly in using and loving them.  So as soon as Bean was old enough to "get it," she started being allowed to pick out a teacup to sip from while visiting me.

Now, she really gets it.  I love that she always goes over to the hutch and asks if she can have "tea."  I love her slow and deliberate decisiveness as she chooses her cup.

Today, we tea'd.  We tea'd with exactly four bunny rabbits while wearing crumpled nightgowns and carefully selected jewels.  We supped on chicken and cake and dangled our feet and fed the bunnies and heaven help me, I love little girls.


I love the frosting on her nose.  I think it was still there when she left.

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