Saturday, July 30, 2011

Stop it

One thing I learned last week about parenting a big family is that a group-wide "rest time" is crucial, especially on a Sunday.  On Saturday, I instituted a no-one-leaves-his-bed-until-10-am rule, which was the best rule I ever laid down in my entire life.  It inspired my idea for Sunday, when I instituted an everyone-lays-in-a-bed-as-soon-as-the-baby-goes-down rule, which was the second best rule I ever laid down in my life.

The baby went down and so did the rest of the house.  Hubby and I both crawled into bed, and I was out like a light about four seconds after my head hit the pillow.  God knew what He was doing when He made Sunday the day of rest.


After what felt like four seconds later, but what was really a little over an hour, my eyes snapped open like when you let go of a window shade a bit too fast.

"Babe, did you hear that?"


My husband isn't super coherent when he's been asleep and I kick him awake.


"That!  What on earth is that?!  Didn't I tell all those boys to stay in their beds?"

"I don't know."  Which probably meant, I don't care, please just let me keep sleeping.  "I think it's Foosball.  Are they playing Foosball?"

"Maybe.  But there it is again...can you go check on them?  I'm going to be so mad if they are up.  Seriously, what IS that?  Man, it sounds a lot like when Sweet Pea plays with the doorstops."

Sweet Pea loves doorstops.  She hunts them down in any room, crawls to them with super-baby speed and grabs them just to hear the sound they make.  I've been thinking of inventing a toy that makes the same sound except without a choke-able little while rubber piece, because then I'd be a millionaire.

Except actually I'd be a billionaire, because now I know I could market my invention to gazillions of teenage Chinese boys.  Because after the hubby followed the sound to my parents' guest room, he found four teenage Chinese boys kneeling on the floor, huddled around the doorstop, each taking a turn flicking it and cracking up at the sound it made.


  1. It's the little things in life!

  2. That is absolutely hilarious!


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