Thursday, June 02, 2011


1.  My baby doesn't like to eat or sleep anymore.  We think she is part vampire. 

2.  That said, since she has no rhyme or reason or any sort of routine, she just goes and goes and goes- Energizer bunny like- until she just passes out in a random place.  Last night it was in her bouncer.  This morning it was sitting straight up in her stroller.  She kept falling forward until her head was resting on the tray and I thought it was too hilarious to lay the seat down.

3.  Besides, I figured if she was that tired and we were just a block from home, she'd take a great nap when we got home.

4.  No dice.  Guess who is singing in her crib?

5.  I should just leave all the of the typing errors I'm making.  Did you know that sleep-deprived moms type the same way drunk college kids text?  They dod.  I mean, do.

5.  I mean, 6.  Did you know that Costco has a funeral tab on their website?  I learned that when I went online to check their hours last night.  Weird.

7.  Today I am annoyed because we made a special trip to the Frederick Walmart last night to get organic Walmart-brand formula and they were out.  Did you know that Walmart-brand organic formula is made in the same place as Earth's Best?  Smells the same, looks the same, tastes the same...yes, I tasted's the same, but half the price.

8.  Yesterday it was approximately a million billion degrees outside.  Today it's really nice.  We already went for a walk!  But because of the million billion degrees and the horrible heat in our bedroom, we are thinking about getting a window AC unit.  Does anyone know if this is a good idea?  Why didn't I think of this last summer when I was enormously pregnant and standing in the tub running cold water on my feet every night at 2 am?

9.  It's taken 8.5 months, but the heart palpitations that started in the first few weeks of my pregnancy are finally better.  Not gone, but way better. 

10.  Last night, at said Walmart, I saw a teeny, tiny baby.  I literally stopped in my tracks and gaped with lovejoyadoration.  The mom caught me staring and gave me that proud yeah-I-know-she's-perfect half smile.  I kind of stalked her, trying to keep myself from running up to her and begging to smell her baby's head.  I barely succeeded.  Barely. 

11.  What the heck has happened to me? 

12.  New moms are kind of like drug addicts.  At least I am, anyway.  Chasin' the new baby high, bro.  I'm super excited about my friend E's new baby, due any moment, but I'm sad that they don't live nearby anymore.  I would probably creep her out with trying to come over all the time and smell her baby's head. 

13.  The end.  It's for the best.

14. PS Guess who is asleep?  Guess who is going to now also go take a nap?


  1. yes for the window unit! we just had to put ours in too. it beats laying on top of your sheets sweating all night. normally we make it til the end of summer, but finn was baking and it is SO hot out! ours is the cheapest one we could find and it still works great!

  2. Oh, how I love you, dear friend. That's exactly why I couldn't stop kissing W's head the last time I was around her because it still so soft & smelled so good. :) Us new moms? We're crazy people.

  3. You can come over and smell Ellie's head if you need to. :)


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