Sunday, June 05, 2011

Back in the summer of '11

Yesterday morning, Sweet Pea cuddled with us in bed like she does every morning.  She is instantly busy from the moment she awakens, moving and grabbing and standing and making her little breathy sounds.  She's like a little puppy, panting away and looking for something to get into while we struggle to open our eyes and lift our heads.

She leaned over and without being asked, gave her Daddy a huge kiss.  Then she turned immediately to me, rested her hand on my cheek and gave me one, too.

When I'm old and gray and tired and my babies have their own babies, I want to remember that.  I want to remember that damp little hand and the softness of the back her head.  I want to remember the way the light is so soft and blue in our room in the morning and how it catches in her blonde wisps of hair.  I want to remember how she smelled like milk and Burt's Bees shampoo and baby.  How she always stops in the middle of her busyness to rest her head on my shoulder with her two fingers in her mouth, then lifts her head to look in my eyes and make sure she still has my full attention.

I will close my eyes and inhale deeply and I will remember these best days of my life.

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