Thursday, May 19, 2011


I may or may not have intentionally put my daughter in a be-ruffled cap before walking into the restaurant at my grandparents' new retirement community.

Literally dozens of grandmas and great-grandmas may or may not have stopped and squealed with delight.  This may or may not have been a shameless plug for adoration.

I also may or may not have let her crawl around the kitchen floor at our feet while we were eating dinner later that night, feeding her bits of grilled yellow pepper every so often like a little puppy dog.  It may or may not have allowed me to eat my hot dog in peace.

It's a fear I had, you know, of becoming a mother.  I was pretty sure I would never be able to eat another hot, peaceful meal again.  Guess what?  You can!  You just have to treat your baby like a puppy. 

I kid.  Sort of. You really just have to be willing to be the last person at the table, alternating feeding the baby and yelling at your mom, "No!  Don't put that away!  I wasn't finished with it!"  It's awesome because you get to enjoy your food that much longer, and you get out of cleaning up! 

Also, someone else may or may not have insisted on watching ants eat a worm while we packed the car.

  After all, it was "dwross" and "distusteen" since the worm "got deaded up" and therefore fascinating.


  1. LOVE. You're so funny! I do the SAME THING with N ... so, don't worry about the puppy complex. I think my child thinks she's a cat anyway since the only person on her level in our house is Toby. ;)


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