Thursday, May 19, 2011


I read so much stuff on the internet, a lot of it wonderful and useful and relate-able.  But today I read this, and it made me cry, because it's my life.  Well, without the cows.  Or horses, unfortunately.  But my big dreams did "only" take me one city over.

When I was finishing college and battling with falling in love when I wanted to roam the world, an older-than-me friend looked across a table into my eyes and said, seriously and sincerely, "Taylor.  There is nothing better than this."  She meant love and family and babies and ministry and she was completely right.

I believed her, but I knew for sure that she was right when, only about a month or so later, I leaned over a railing on a boat on a canal in Venice, music in my ears, surrounded by friends, breathing in sweet and salty warm summer air, stared up at a vast sky of twinkling stars and missed my boyfriend so much it hurt.  So I went home and married him. 

And eventually we made this:

I mean, seriously.  Who needs Venice?


  1. I don't! Give me a pucker-lipped kiss from N any day ... you can have Venice. :)

  2. Touched my heart!
    Absolutely inspiring!!


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