Monday, May 02, 2011

Rock on, Daddy

She just loves music.

I loved going to church when I was pregnant, because she would kick like crazy during worship.  Now, when we take her to church we always drop her off in nursery after the music because she loves to listen so much.  She sits in our arms and kicks her little legs like crazy with the music.

So, she loves it when her Daddy plays his guitar.  Especially in the kitchen on Saturday mornings in pj's while Mama makes eggs.



 There's going to be a lot more guitarin' round here.  We've missed it while he's been so busy. 


  1. this is so precious!
    i love little musical babies! :)

    and the funny thing is, i was just taking pictures of billy playing guitar and singing to finn in bed this weekend, but i couldn't post them because billy's showing a little too much leg in his boxer shorts! he'd kill me... those pale irish thighs... shucks!

  2. Aw, haha! Can you crop them out? Speaking of pale irish thighs, I just looked at mine in my shorts...yikes! lol


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