Saturday, May 28, 2011


Yelling, "Yay, Lenny!" 

It still feels surreal, actually.  What started as a practice of "when life hands you lemons, made lemonade" 20 months ago turned into a dream accomplished way sooner than we ever expected.  He's known since freshman year of college that he one day wanted to become a therapist.  Our dreams turned elsewhere when he knew he was called to youth ministry.  I'll take the credit for suggesting that he start pursuing that dream early, after we realized that he had to voluntarily cut his time with his former job in half when there was no funding.  Why not knock a couple of classes out of the way?

He actually applied to a different school, and we thought that it wouldn't work out after someone failed to get a recommendation in on time.  That was a tough time, to say the least.  Then a friend mentioned that he thought JHU had a program, and lo and behold, their deadline hadn't passed.  Not only that, they had classes at an extension campus near our house instead of only far away like the other school.  I can't even say what a blessing that turned out to be!  It never ceases to amaze me how God works all things for good.

As life kept throwing punches, he kept hitting back.  60 credits in 20 months worth of fighting back, to be exact.  It was so, so hard at times, but we are so thankful to have had the emotional support of our family and friends and the financial support of, well, the loan company.  He worked so hard, staying up so late, doing everything he needed to do and more to support our little family.  

Graduation day registered approximately a billion degrees on the thermometer.  We left my parents' house with my grandparents, mom and niece, and met up on campus with his parents, brother, niece and nephew.  We gathered in the parking garage, placing orders for Chipotle online.  Just as we were about to traipse to the lacrosse field where graduation was taking place, a shuttle van showed up that our entire family JUST fit in all together.  Score!

We found seats in the stands and relaxed while my dad, brother-in-law and nephew walked to find the Chipotle, which was way further away than Mapquest had indicated.  Those guys were troopers for sure!  Poor hubby didn't get his dinner because he had to line up, but we all enjoyed our food while sitting in the stands.

It was a long, late night but it was so special to celebrate that night with our wonderful family.  I thought I would burst with pride when he walked across that stage.  So did Sweet Pea, I'm sure, although she tried to act like it ain't no thang.  After all, to her, this is what Daddies do.  They work hard, they dream big, they love selflessly.  It's all she's ever known, and it's all she ever will know.  

She's a lucky girl.  We love him.   


  1. Congratulations to Lenny! You all look wonderful in the family happy and proud! :)

  2. Thank you, Emily! And tell J thank again for telling us about the Hopkins program! :)


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