Sunday, May 29, 2011

Good Thing

Good thing there's whipped cream in the morning

 and a big cousin to feed it to you during your first visit to your family's favorite restaurant

and a Daddy to nap with when you're tired.  

Good thing that later there are lovely evenings to enjoy while waiting for dinner

and good books to read with your Mama when you get home.

Somebody was pointing to (well ok, more like smacking) the kitty on every page when I'd ask, "Where's the kitty?"  She loves the kitty in this book, I think because he's black and white like our cat Biddy and my parents' cat Timmy
Good thing for vacations, especially ones with Gigi, G-pop, Nana, Grandpa and Bean.  


  1. That big smile is too cute and who doesn't love whip cream for breakfast.

  2. Such a happy little sweet pea. :) I need to see her again before she's a teenager. ;)


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