Thursday, April 21, 2011

X-Treme Thrifting

I wrote this back in February and, for some reason, never posted it.  Yard sale season is upon us, and I think I'm going to be doing more of these posts!  

I really think that there could be a reality tv about my mom and me and our thrift store/yard sale/antique store escapades.  I am not kidding when I say there are people at the thrift store near us who recognize my mom and inwardly (and outwardly) groan when they see her coming.  They know she is going to have a cart of amazing finds that they missed.  People actually stalk her and hope she puts her Free People shirts and American girl stuff back down. 

The huge thrift store near us has 50% off days whenever there is a Monday holiday.  It is utter insanity.  It's literally a crazy, crowded, pushing, shoving, mad dash, very similar to offering free-for-all candy in front of a bunch of hungry four-year-olds.

Watch out, is all I'm sayin.'

We actually went twice this week, and I spend a total of about $25 on the following items:

Brand-new, $3


Icky Baby, $2

Brand-new with tags Petit Bateau, $3.50

Janie and Jack, $1

OshKosh, $2


Brand new, $2

Brand-new, $1.50
Brand-new, $1.25

Brand-new, $0.50
Brand-new Kiddopotamus food mat $1.25

I got some other stuff, too, but I have a baby and ran out of time taking pictures and tallying!

I actually sold the Petit Bateau romper on Ebay for a profit of $15.  So, my grand total for all of that stuff was $10.

Have I mentioned I never buy anything new?  Sometimes when people come over and see all of Sweet Pea's toys I am afraid they are going to think I buy her too many overly expensive things.  I've only bought her three new toys ever, and they were all on sale, all purchased with gift cards, and were all given to her for Christmas.  Yet she is a totally spoiled baby.

It's like the Duggars always say..."Buy used and save the difference!" 


  1. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Yes, ma'am. We need to go thrifting. Can we plan it for when I've lose some more weight? So, I can have some fun looking at clothes for me? :) If you'd rather not wait, we can go NOW and LATER.

  2. Taylor, which thrift store is this?? Since we live in the same-ish area I might have to check it out sometime :)



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