Sunday, April 17, 2011


It was a good weekend.  It flew by, but it was good.  I am tired from it, in a good way.

(Excuse my poorly-lit photos that follow.  It was crazy dark and cloudy when I took each of them and heck if I am going to fix them right now.) 

On Friday night we had a wonderful visit with one of my sweet Young Life girls.  She loves our baby girl.  Can I just say that nothing makes me happier than watching others love my baby girl?  We ate Chipotle and hung out and Sweet Pea showed off her tricks, which include crawling and giving kisses.  After she left we put the baby to bed and got part of our garden planted in the dark.  We're awesome like that.
Someone had sweet potatoes for dinner.

Saturday was long and slow and rainy.  The Hubby got up early and sneaked out to take the National Counselor Examination.  I am so, so glad that junk is over.  We'll know in eight (yes, EIGHT) week whether or not he passed.  After he got home, we had family movie/cuddle/play time all afternoon.  It was perfect.






Many moons ago, I bought a Groupon for a restaurant that used to be a favorite of ours called BD's Mongolian BBQ.  Well, I say "favorite," but I've only ever been there a few times because it's so pricey.  It's a fun place; you build your own stir-fry and they cook it for you on a huge flat grill.  The place is pricey though, and they've even raised it again to $20 a person.  Good thing for the Groupon!  It was so fun to get out and celebrate as a little family, even though our little Sweet Pea struggled a bit.  I forgot the formula for the bottle, and she was having none of my "just drink a little of the water, baby" idea.  Yikes.  But so help me, I was not getting out of there until I'd had my three plates of nothing but shrimp and steak, crying baby or no.  I may be little, but girlfriend can do justice to all-you-can-eat, especially when she just forked over a wad of cash for it!
We like to get dressed up to go out.

"Hey cat, try to look less excited."

"No, seriously, try harder."

We got home late and went to bed late, but our awesome baby slept in until almost 10 this morning.  She is such a mini me.  Party all night, sleep all day.  She did it in the womb, and she's still doing it now.  She got up with Daddy for her 7 am bottle, then I leaned over when the alarm went off at 10 to see her cradled in the crook of his arm with her little arms straight over her head, and both of them sound out. 

We went to church, then spent the whole rest of the day with friends.  There is a little wad of "flowers" on our table picked by a very adorable little girl, who made a fort for Sweet Pea.  A perfect, relaxing weekend.  Lovely.

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  1. Anonymous11:56 PM

    Sounds lovely. We napped A LOT this weekend which is why I'm still up. :) Also, I just gave Toby a serious talking to after seeing W and the cat co-existing happily.


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