Friday, April 15, 2011

Cloth Diaper Update

Yes, I'm still cloth-diapering.

No, not solely; we still use disposables at night and when I forget to switch loads or whatever.  But, she's in cloth most of the time and it's saved us loads of money!

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How many diapers do you have?
I have 9 pocket diapers and 3 g-diapers.  I have 9 microfiber inserts and 11 prefolds.  I typically stuff with prefolds, but they are pretty bulky, so when we go out and about I tend toward the micofiber inserts.  They aren't as absorbent though and tend to leak.  When I use a prefold with the g-diapers I also lay a piece of polar fleece over that to help it feel dry to the touch.

2.  How often do you do laundry?
Every 2-3 days.

3.  Does it really save money?
Yes!  But only if you if you economical to start with when making your cloth stash.  My stash set us back about $80 and we have more than enough to last Sweet Pea to potty training.

4.  How do you wash them?
I like to switch it up, but usually I do a cold rinse with a little baking soda, then a hot wash/cold rinse with a little Arm and Hammer free and clear detergent.  Every so often I add a cap full of bleach.

5.  What about, ahem, #2?
Before babies get solid food, the yucky stuff just washes right out.  That's why you run the cold rinse first; it gets all of that out.  After solids, it just shakes right out into the toilet.  I use liners sometimes, too.  I picked up two brand-new packs of 200 at a consignment sale for $3 each, and I cut them in half because they are too big.  I only use them once or twice a day.  So, I have enough liners for the rest of forever!

6.  Isn't it too much of a hassle?
For me, it's really truly not.  In fact, having cloth has pulled me out of a pinch more than once.  For example, earlier this week I ended up needing to stay at my mom's house with the baby because a car was in the shop and didn't get fixed by the end of the day.  I had everything we needed to make it through a night except extra disposable diapers.  However, I had a g-diaper and several inserts that she wore throughout the day, so I just washed them and we were good to go.  Saved a trip to the store for diapers!

The only thing that is a hassle is pulling the prefolds and inserts out of the diapers at wash time.  It's kind of smelly and messy.  Sometimes I wish I'd gone with All-in-ones because they just get tossed right in.  I didn't because I felt like the pocket diapers kept moisture off the skin better and because I thought the AIOs would take too long to dry.  But prefolds take a long time to dry, so I'm going to start collecting Bum Genius All-In-One, one size, snap diapers for future babies when I can get them cheap.

There ya have it!  Probably my last cloth diaper update.  Hope they were helpful!

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