Monday, March 28, 2011

Young Lives Needs

Remember YoungLives Camp?  And how you need to come volunteer in August with me?  If you don't know what I'm talking about scroll up just a little and click on the "Volunteer with Teen Moms" tab under my header picture.

Anyway, if you can't come to camp, do you have any of these items?  Or do you know anyone who does?  Or do you like to go to yard sale and find them?  If the answer is yes, yay!  Give them to me!

Here is the list of items to be looking for: (used is fine)
baby bijorns
dress-up costumes
toddler bed guards
DVD players (need 4)
clothing: size 3-6 mo to size 4
push and riding toys
little tykes basketball hoop
little tykes slides
laundry bags
burp cloths
blankets for pods
board books/ books
boppy covers
balloons/ beach balls
pacifier grippers
electric outlet covers
sand/water table
farm animal toys
mega blocks
Tommy & Veggie Tales DVDs
balls:  all shapes and sizes
bowling ball set
glider rocker
New items needed:
activity/coloring books
construction paper
drawing paper
play dough
glue sticks
sidewalk chalk
books: to give to moms for their toddlers
hand made baby blankets: to give to moms for their babies 
Items needed for spa day (new):
nail polish
facial cleansing cloths
acetone polish remover
cotton balls
hand sanitizer
alcohol disinfectant wipes
nail clippers
facial masque
hand lotion
body lotion
facial scrub

Happy hunting!

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