Friday, February 11, 2011

Cloth Diaper Review- G Diapers

So I got me a G Diaper at a consignment store, and you know what?

"Hey Mikey, she likes it!"

I got a size medium, and it didn't come with an insert.  I used one I already had.  I liked the way I could pull out just the wet insert, wipe out the plastic part and put in a fresh insert.  It was quick and easy at play group.  We did, however, get a small leak later, but I attribute that to the sizing.  It really wasn't all that tight on her legs; she's kind of in between G-diaper sizes.
The diaper is on the left; see how the plastic part snaps in?
On the right is a Hemp Babies insert.
This is the diaper stuffed, first with a Hemp babies then with an extra soaker (the blue thing).

Here's the cheap, hand-made soaker from Ebay.

Apart from the fact that they aren't one-size (which is truly the best deal you can get) these aren't a bad deal if you don't use the disposable inserts and go with only cloth.  They are pretty affordable (I've seen a 2-pack for about $25) and you can get away with less washes of the covers since you can replace and reuse, which is nice because it helps the diaper hold up longer.  I also liked the trim fit.
You can see that it's a little big.

Big fitting now, but still trim!  Not so much "junk in the trunk."
The velcro is not in great shape on this one.  I will probably need to replace it soon, but it's fine if she has a onesie on over the diaper.  When she's just in the diaper her arm catches on the loose part and pulls it apart.  Velcro definitely has that issue over time; it's a big complaint with a lot of moms.  

I'd say they're a fine addition to a stash, especially if you can get them on the cheap!


  1. Anonymous11:33 PM

    greenberries? :)

  2. We loved the G-diapers too--especially at the beginning. I wanted to tell you that you can often get them at Unique Thrift. What can't you get at that store!? :) You can find them on the shelf against the right wall, above the baby/toddler clothing.


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