Friday, February 11, 2011

Beauty and Freedom

Well.  If Dr. Phil's Toddlers in Tiaras train wreck just had to be interrupted by the news, I sure am glad it was with news of Egypt's freedom.  I realized as I watched in tears that I can't remember a time in my life where the people of another country had their voices heard without violence.  I hope this means the start of something better for our children.

But then, back to our regularly scheduled programming, which pretty much induced tears again.  You know how sometimes you watch something and you just can't take your eyes off of it because it's so ridiculous?  Hello, Toddlers in Tiaras.  Beauty pageants for babies.  Yikes.  (Maybe I would be ok with the whole thing if it weren't for the makeup?  Then it would be like glorified dress-up, and kids sure do love their dress-up.) Ultimately, I'm just not comfortable with girls learning to compare themselves and be judged for their looks so early.  Trust me, they'll already have to battle that no matter what; why add to it so young?  It broke my heart to think about as my beautiful baby napped on my chest, her soft breaths making my neck all sticky and my legs falling asleep because I didn't want to disturb her peacefulness.

It is the cry of my heart as a mother that my daughter(s?) knows how beautiful and cherished she is.  Lovely in every way.  Desirable for her heart, for the way she was created.  Because you know what?  I believe with all of my heart that true freedom is lived within the boundaries of love.

Sweater, hat and blankie from Gigi
Humanity has worth because we are loved, because we were already bought with a price.  Our voices matter because each and every one of us was created by the God of the universe who loved us and gave himself for us.

So, to wrap it up:  God is good, baby pageants not so much, congrats to Egypt, my baby is beautiful and so is everyone else.  But especially my baby.  The end.
Oh, and baby knees are delicious.  The end for real.

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  1. waverly looks like a porcelain doll in this picture! i thought she was fake! you guys should keep making babies.
    your reaction to egypt is so sweet. i've just had the aladdin soundtrack stuck in my head all day which is far less touching.


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