Sunday, November 07, 2010

There's Nothing like Photos for the Holidays!

As a rule, I refuse to even think about a holiday until we have passed its previous holiday. I like to stop and smell the roses, to try my best to be fully present for the moment I'm in instead of always jumping ahead. So, it drives me crazy when I start seeing Christmas commercials in mid-October. And hey, Target? What's with the Christmas stuff on your shelves at the end of the Halloween aisle? Are you aware that the leaves are still on the trees? That we're busy with apples and pumpkins? That we need to work on stuffing recipes and have the kids make little turkeys out of construction paper and re-enact the first Thanksgiving with hot pink and yellow and fake feathers and paper Pilgrim hats before we can start thinking in shades of green and red?

That said, sometimes you have to plan ahead, especially for the more time-consuming holiday projects that can blindside you in the midst of the most crazy wonderful time of the year.  Like Christmas cards.

Christmas cards are the project everyone loves to hate and hates to love.  True, they are a lot of work.  But don't you just love pulling all of those bright-colored envelopes out of the mailbox and reading notes from friend and family near and far?  Especially if they include a family photo?

Sending a photo with my Christmas cards is important to me, and obviously this year more than ever.  I think this is because I personally love receiving cards with photos.  It's neat to see how the kids have grown and see smiling faces from fun summer vacations plastered all over my fridge.  And they do plaster my fridge!  For months!

Shutterfly has some adorable holidays cards out this year that anyone would be proud to stick to their fridge with a magnetic chip clip.  (Or is that just me?  It seems like I always have magnetic chip clips on my fridge instead of clipping my chip bags.  But I digress.)  Their designs are so professional and pretty.  For just a little over a dollar, you can send someone a little piece of art with your sweet family photo that they will cherish and display, rather than toss in a drawer. 

And, as a side note, I really love their custom photo calendars.  These make a really special gift for family members when you have a lot of photos of the kids that you want to share in a special way.  They basically get to hang a new picture every month without having to remember to print a photo or buy another frame. 

So there you have it.  It's time to get started!

*Disclosure:  This post is part of a promotion for Shutterfly. 

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