Thursday, November 25, 2010


I had way bigger plans for my Thanksgiving post.  Insights, updates and battles to share.  Deep thoughts and encouragement.  Reminders for myself and hopefully others. 

But then my iphoto crashed.

Yup, my iphoto.  Also known as my backup iphoto.  The one with thousands upon thousands of photos, also known as my memories.

Before your heart sinks too far in your chest, I'll say this:  Everything is safe.  Almost all of it was safe anyway, since we back-up our back-up.  It still caused a ton of stress though, for various reasons, and took up a ton of my day.  Currently, all of iphoto is recopying, but nothing will be tailored in terms of my albums, flags, or edits.  Thankfully, my edits are still there, they are just going to show up in separate events from the originals. 

This could have been catastrophic, but thankfully, it was not.  (I only cried for like 5 minutes and only punched one thing- my steering wheel- once!) For that, I am incredibly thankful.  I still want to punch my computer in the face, and I would, except that would cause way more problems.  And ok fine, I recognize that "catastrophic" is a bit hyperbolic and that there are way bigger problems in this world than my little on-the-fritz Mac.  

Here's the thing though.  Today was tough.  The band-aid on my thumb where I sliced my finger peeling potatoes for Thanksgiving kind of sums it all up.  I did not care for the hours and hours wasted trying to fix technology, particularly the ones where I had to fight through the crowds to get into the Mac store to get it fixed.    I was so happy though when the Mac Genius guy helped me figure it all out.  (Thank you to my awesome friend T who got me all set up for the appointment!) At the end, I turned to my sweet baby, who had been happily entertained by the bright lights in the store the entire time.  (Baby girl loves her some mall already.  Sorry, hubby!) As I leaned over to adjust her little blanket before taking off the stroller brakes she gave me the biggest, gummiest grin, and everything wrong with the world melted away, at least for those few moments. 

After all, what do babies care about failed technology, the messy house, or the waiting food prep?  They just want to be cuddled and to have full bellies.  Tonight we have those things, and I'm reminded once again that I have a lot to be thankful for, and that little else matters besides a sweet family and a full tummy.  Most of all though, I'm so utterly thankful for that little smiley face.   

And ok fine, for my repaired iphoto library!