Monday, October 11, 2010


I love photographing this baby.  I could (ok, have) do (done) it all day.  And yet I'm finding that the shots I love most are the simple moments when I just snap the shutter when we're doing nothing.  Her sweet sleepy baby face it just so enrapturing.

I just love those dimples...I can't wait to see them with a "real" smile.  She almost gave us one on Saturday. 

I might have cute shoes, but dang...those are some REALLY cute shoes!

Taking a break from one of my many photo sessions...poor little firstborn child.


  1. Adorable, as always. :) She is so stinkin' cute and I LOVE that grin.

  2. Ok can I reserve you now as my photographer for the day I welcome a baby into this world? You are soooo talented and creative, I am inspired and in awe of all your photos and not to mention your *GORGEOUS* precious baby girl. I hope all is well, xoxo!


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